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About 21st Century Insurance Bill Payment

Are you looking to pay your 21st Century Insurance Bill Payment? Are you new to the 21 ST Century and want to know more about the company’s services? Find out more about bill payments and view your bill history and other contact details.

Pay online: To log in to the 21 21st Century Insurance payment portal follow the button below.

Click Here to Login or Make Your Payment Now

21 21st Century lets its customers pay online through the Internet membership platform. The platform is able to create regularly scheduled transactions from your credit or checking account (Direct debits) in addition to PayPal personal checks, online check and money order money withdrawal from your account as well as to make one-time payments through credit card on any device: your computer, laptop at home, or even your mobile phone. 

21st Century Insurance Bill Payment

You can also track and manage your monthly bills online, and create regular alerts to know the balance of your account. 

Yes, it’s possible to modify your policy too! You can log into your policy anytime to remove or add vehicles or drivers alter addresses, pay bills, and much more.

When you pay online it is necessary to follow the form that prompts you to provide the details of your card, including your three-digit card verification value (CVV). 

It is located on the reverse of your debit or credit card. If you are using an American Express-branded card the CVV will contain four digits, and appear in the upper right corner of your card. 

Review the details of your payment and then click the Confirm button in order to complete your payment. The confirmation that your payment was completed will appear in your account.

If you need to register for a new 21st Century account, go to click Log In, and then Register for an Account. The first step is to submit your driver’s license, insurance numbers, postal code, and birth date.

Pay by Phone: 21 St. Century runs an automated telephone system that allows customers to pay. Be sure to have your billing account’s the number of your home phone or the number that is associated with the account number of your ST Century bank account. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, it is necessary to provide the card’s number and expiration date. If you’re planning to pay by the savings or checking account then you’ll need the account number as well as your account routing numbers. 

You can call 1-877-401-881 during those hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm PDT, and on Saturdays between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm PDT. 

A 21-century insurance representative will be available. Century representative will be available to assist. If you’re looking, to begin with, a quote, call1-877-310-587 from Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm PDT.

Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm PDT.

Pay by App: 21 21st Century also allows payment through the application. You can click here to learn what you can do to install the application and find more details about this fantastic feature! Control your insurance details to file a claim, and make payments. 

Follow the steps to pay the bill quickly. Once you’ve installed the app, you are able to pay your bill using a debit card, credit cards, checking accounts, and many more! You can manage your claims and review your policies on this app.

21 st Century Billing Address: Do you want to send an invoice or payment? Include your insurance number along with a money order or check. Send your payment details to:

California customers are asked to make their payments to the following address: 21st Century Insurance Pay Center
PO Box 7142
Pasadena, CA 91109-7142

For customers from all the other countries, make money to this address:
Insurance Payment Processing Center
P.O. BOX 7247-0302
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0302

Payments sent via overnight post:
21st Century Insurance
Billing Specialist Unit
3 Beaver Valley Road – 4th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19803

21 st Century Customer Service: 21st Century Customer Service is available via your online account or by calling 1-877-408-8181. The Sales and customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PDT.

Saturday: 7:00am – 6:00pm PDT. You may report an accident or claim it or pay your bill, change your policy and request a quote. You can also purchase a new policy, or ask for assistance at the roadside.

Directly send us your documents by fax line:

California Residents: 1-800-842-3057

Non-California Residents: 1-866-447-2611
Claims: 1-877-217-1389

Desire to Live Chat? Go here.

Email your questions or concerns:

California Residents: [email protected]

Residents of all Other States: [email protected]

(Important Important: Include your name, first and last name, and your policy # in your subject line.)

In order to submit claims, email: [email protected] Contact For claims 1-888-244-6163 (Important Note: Include your name, first name, and policy reference number within the Subject line.)

View bills from the past: 21 ST Century’s online account permit users to review the previous statements when you are connected to your account. Go here to sign in into your account at 21 ST Century account.

Once there you will be able to view your bill history as well as policy details. You can also modify your insurance coverage.

Pay by AutoPay: Paying the insurance bills made it easier and easier! 21 Century Century will automatically take your money from your credit or debit card every month to pay for your insurance bill. Go here to create auto Pay. 

For one of your choices for payment, you are able to start an electronic fund transfer (automatic payments). If you are paying with a checking account, you’ll need three items: the name in the bank’s account as well as the account number, and the routing code. 

Create AutoPay and pay and the money will be paid every month on autopilot! You can also mix multiple policies from 21 ST Century policies onto one bill. 

If you’re a new customer with 21 st Century, go to this link and save money making use of AutoPay and going paperless!

Go Paperless:  Instead of paper bills, 21 Century instead of paper statements, 21 Century will deliver you an email each month, when they generate your bill. 

There will be lower charges and one less item to put in your mailbox as well as one less item to keep the track of. Paperless billing is simple to set up and it’s free! Just click here.

There are many advantages to switching to paperless billing! You can view your bills online at any time, wherever that you’ve got Internet access. You’ll be able to pay online with no fees and speedy payment, and there is no postage needed! 

Making payments paperless could lead to savings! Current and new 21st Century Insurance customers can benefit from a 3% Green Paperless Discount* on their premium when they register to access their account online and take part within 21st AutoPay and Paperless delivery.

21st AutoPay and paperless delivery programs. You will receive regular emails whenever your bill is due. In the end, you’ll enjoy greater security than bill-payers who use paper.

Additional 21st Century Insurance Information

21st Century’s goal to provide their customers with a high-quality service at an affordable value over the last 60 years.

They intend to continue to provide the same level of dedication and attention to the new century! This is their purpose statement. 

In celebration of their 60th anniversary serving the community, 21st Century continues to explore ways to provide superior coverage and service, while also helping customers to save money as well. They offer 24-hour customer support and offer comprehensive coverage options. 

Another characteristic and guiding principle of the company today is direct selling to its customers since the founder believed it would reduce costs. This particular aspect of customer service will surely be a reason to make Louis W.

Foster, the founder of 20th Century Insurance proud as his legacy is still in place today. The company was founded around 1958, as an inter-insurance company that provided auto insurance across California. It was founded within Los Angeles, California, the business later moved into Woodland Hills, California.

Foster began his journey into the 20th Century as an innovator. Foster promoted auto insurance via telephone and mail and insured only the best drivers in California. 

Foster said, “My personal opinion is that a corporation should be an active participant in community affairs,” Foster declared, “We have been from day one.”

This has made him successful not just in his business but an ardent advocate in helping the local community. Foster’s charitable involvements included assistance to organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America as well as The United Way, the Boy Scouts, Union Rescue Mission as well as other charitable and charitable organizations. 21st Century is ready to lead its customers to the new century!

Visit 21st Century on Facebook.

FAQ About 21st Century Insurance Bill Payment

Q.1. Who is 21st Century Insurance affiliated with?

➡️ From 2009 onwards, 21st Century Insurance has been an official part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. It is a part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is a major U.S. insurer of automobiles and homes, as well as small-scale businesses , and offers a vast selection of other financial and insurance products.

Q.2. What happened to 20th Century insurance?

➡️ In the end, the the state’s insurance regulator voted to allow 20th Century exit the homeowners insurance business and, in January the company completed the Proposition 103 rebate case. The company is now 20th Century is back to the future, and focusing on its primary insurance for automobiles which is sold directly to its customers without agents.

Q.3. Is 21st Century Insurance owned by farmers?

➡️ 21st Century Insurance is part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies which is a major U.S. insurer of automobiles small and home-based businesses and also offers a wide selection of other financial and insurance products.

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