AARP® Credit Card from Chase review

AARP® Credit Card from Chase review

What do you need to be aware of regarding the AARP(r) Credit Card offered by Chase

There are no specific benefits available to older adults.

It’s true that the AARP(r) Credit Card from Chase is marketed to members of the AARP, but it doesn’t provide any major advantages for the members of the association. You don’t require to be an older or an active AARP member in order to be eligible in order to get the card.

With the AARP(r) Credit Card issued by Chase, you can use points to fund the year-long AARP membership. Additionally, using your credit card at restaurants, you can help your membership in the AARP Foundation, but that’s the only benefit of the card’s AARP-specific features.

AARP® Credit Card from Chase review

3 points of reward points for each $1 spent on dining out and gasoline station purchases

The AARP(r) Credit Card from Chase offers a reward percentage of 1 percent cash back for every $1 you spend on purchases. This equates to one point per dollar spent. If you pay this rate you’ll earn $1 cash back rewards for each cent you spent, which is equivalent to around 100 points. However, that number triples to 3 percent cash back for every $1 you spend on food or gas stations. That amounts to three points per dollar spent.

A 3% cash-back rate on purchases made at gas stations and restaurants is competitive, particularly for a card that does not have an annual cost. If your primary expenditures aren’t from gas stations or restaurants You may be able to discover additional bonus categories that will suit your needs better than other cash-back cards.

A sign-up offer worth $100

If you’re interested in receiving an offer to sign up when you sign up for a credit or debit card, then you might be interested in the bonus offered by Chase’s AARP(r) Credit Card from Chase. The card is offering 10000 bonus points (redeemable for $100 cash in cash) when you make a purchase of $500 or more on eligible purchases within the first three months following the time of opening your account.

Although it’s not the biggest benefit you can get by a card that doesn’t have an annual cost, the small threshold of $500 is a bonus that’s attainable for a lot of cardholders.

Different redemption methods are available

It is possible to redeem Rewards points in addition to cashback, something some could consider to be a great benefit that this credit card offers. In addition to cash, redemption options are …

  • Membership in AARP
  • Gift cards
  • Travel

The process of redeeming cashback using your AARP(r) credit card from Chase is simple The card can be electronically transferred into your bank account that is eligible or granted as an invoice credit.

In addition, the process of redeeming points to pay for the benefit of your AARP(r) membership or for gift cards can be done courses or by phone.

However, redeeming your points to travel isn’t as straightforward.

Redeem bonus points for travel

Although the card claims to be the best in cash-back rewards, you can also find other travel redemption options, too.

Actually, your points will be worth around 10 percent more when you exchange them for travel with Chase.

However, we wouldn’t recommend this method of redemption for anyone who prefers a straightforward experience. All travel redemptions have to be processed via The Chase Travel Center, which may be restrictive for some users. If you’re looking for more flexibility, you may prefer a different travel card.

Other things to be thinking about

There are other aspects you should know before you’re considering this card.

  • It’s best to leave the car at home when you travel since it has a foreign transaction cost of 3.3%.
  • So long as your account is active the reward points you earn will not expire.
  • Every time you make it to a restaurant, a percentage of what you spend will go towards the AARP(r) Foundation to support the cause of the Drive to End Hunger. The foundation assists low-income individuals living in poverty and facing food insecurity.

Who is this card suitable for?

If you frequently spend money in eateries or petrol stations and are looking to earn cash back for doing it without having to pay an annual fee this card might be an acceptable choice. This isn’t the most dependable cash-back card that you can find but it offers an easy cash redemption program, as well as AARP affiliation.

However, remember that you don’t have to be an elderly person or an AARP member to be eligible for this card. There aren’t any benefits that are obvious to have it in the form of one of AARP members.

In other cases, you could prefer the card that has the highest rewards rate in a variety of categories that will better fit your preferences.

Are you unsure if this is the right card for you? Check out these alternatives.

If you don’t dine out often or would like greater flexibility when it comes to travel Consider these options.

  • Citi(r) Double Cash Card: If you do not want to set your budget around bonuses, you may be interested in this possibility.
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card: Are you a frequent traveler and want an easy way to exchange points for travel?

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Is AARP switching from Visa to Mastercard?

In the month of March 2021 when Barclays declared that it would be taking its co-branded AARP credit portfolio of cards from Chase, the issuer unveiled brand new products, which included the AARP(r) Essential Rewards Mastercard(r) from Barclays. Barclays stated that the account numbers will be changed. Balances will transfer.

Who can apply for AARP credit card?

Anyone is eligible to apply for co-branded cards regardless of age or membership status. As mentioned above, you can make use of your reward points to sign up for or renew the AARP membership for as little as $16.

How do I redeem my chase AARP points?

Visit or dial the number printed on the back of the card to make use of your points to buy a three-, one- or five-year AARP membership.

What bank does AARP use?

AARP Discounts on Digital Banking at Marcus from Goldman Sachs.

Does AARP have checking accounts?

Control your expenses for unexpected costs with our free budgeting tool that is the AARP Money Map. For the majority of people, the most suitable place to store an emergency fund is to have a no-cost or low-cost account in a bank with no penalties for withdrawals.

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