[ANZ Card Activation] ANZ Debit Card Activation

ANZ Debit Card Activation Online or Activate ANZ Debit Card through phone services information has been shown here.

If you have received your ANZ debit card recently and are excited to Activate ANZ Card then you have to refer to this post available in order to activate the credit card or debit card.

You can easily activate your debit card here once you will refer to this post.

Activate ANZ Debit Card

Debit Card services offered by the ANZ Banking Group differ from the credit card services.

So the card activation will differ for both ANZ Credit card Activation and ANZ Debit card Activation.

If you are trying to Activate ANZ Credit Cards then check;


There are three ways that are offered to card users to activate their debit cards.

  1. Activate ANZ Debit Card Online.
  2. ANZ Debit Card Activation Over Phone.
  3. ANZ Debit Card Activation at an ATMs.

ANZ Debit Card Activation Online

It is a must to have an online Internet banking account before you proceed with the activation task online.

If you do not have an online account then you have to register for an account in ANZ online banking and then you can activate your debit card online.

  1. Log in to your ANZ Internet Banking at www.anz.com to activate your new ANZ Debit Card.
  2. Enter Customer Registration Number and Password.
  3. Locate “Profile” in the menu option and select “Activate an ANZ Card”, Click Continue.
  4. Enter ANZ 15 or 16 digit debit card number and press on Submit.
  5. Agree to the ANZ debit card services terms and Conditions and press on ACTIVATE to activate a new card.

Activate ANZ Debit Card Over Phone

ANZ Card Activation Phone Number for ANZ Personal Debit Card is 00-63-9683-7043.

Dial the number shown above to activate your debit cards by the phone number that you have connected to the ANZ bank account.

Follow the steps below to activate your debit card.

  1. Dial the ANZ Debit Card Activation number 00-63-9683-7043.
  2. Choose the correct option to activate the debit card.
  3. Provide your personal details and your card details and enter the debit card and personal details.
  4. Sooner, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions offered by the ANZ Debit card services.
  5. Once you put the phone and your debit card will be able to access them soon.

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Activate ANZ Debit card Tips

It is proposed and advised to the debit card users not to share any personal information or card details that might affect the security of your card.

If you are unable to Activate ANZ Debit Card or having any troubles with ANZ card Activation, you can tell us if you comment below in the Comment section.

I will find you the possible way to activate your debit card as soon as possible.

For more about ANZ Debit card activation, visit cardactivation.org.


How do I activate my ANZ debit card?

You can activate your card through online banking, phone number, via text and by visiting the nearby branch or ATM machine.

Can I activate my debit card online?

Log in through online banking or mobile application. Provide your card details. Or if you have not registered yet, then firstly register your account.

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