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The 26 Brain Gym® activities are used in more than 80 countries and the books and manuals have been translated into 40 plus languages. Brain Gym is taught throughout the world by hundreds of Certified instructors and by countless practitioners, educators, teachers, special need providers, coaches, trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, parents, students, …

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BRAIN GYM Brain Gym consists of 26 simple and pleasant movements aiming at improving learning skills through the use of both brain hemispheres. LIST OF 26 BRAIN GYM EXERCISES • cross-crawl • sit-up cross crawl • think of an ‘X’ • lazy 8’s • alphabet 8’s • the elephant • double doodle • neck rolls • the owl • the rocker

Brain Gym Activity Cards & Worksheets | Teachers Pay …

44. $3.50. PDF. Brain breaks are perfect to get your kids up, moving, and exercising in a fun way that will make you want to join in! These animal activities printable cards have 28 gross motor activities that are perfect for physical education, special education, therapy, or when your kids need a brain break and m.

15 Brain Gym Cards | Teaching Resources

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Top 15 Simple Brain Gym Exercises For Children & Adults

Brain Gym Activities – Keep Your Brain Active by Going to a … – …

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Where can I find more information about Brain Gym?

For more information on Brain Gym or to locate or become an Instructor, please visit the Brain Gym International Foundation at and for additional resources and insight into Brain Gym and the 26 activities, please visit our resource site Thank you for stopping by the Brain Gym Bookstore!

What are Brain Gym exercises?

Brain gym exercises are a series of simple exercises that boost brain function. They positively affect learning, memory, attention, academic performance, and the quality of life (1), (2).

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What is the best age to start Brain Gym exercises?

Most of the development of a child’s brain occurs in the first few years of his/her life. And if you include brain gym exercises at this age, the benefits will go a long way in helping your child.

How to do thinking cap Brain Gym?

The thinking cap is an effective exercise for kids and adults for improving learning speed and mood, increasing attention span, and boosting memory. How To Do Thinking Cap Brain Gym Sit on a chair. Place your index finger and thumb on your ear.

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