Elvis Presley Credit Card Payment

Elvis Presley Credit Card Information ◀️

Make your Elvis Presley credit card payments or log in to view or manage your account online. We’re here for you. 

To pay your bill, choose one of these payment methods or click the link to log in to Elvis Presley’s credit card. 

This guide helps new customers to understand all aspects of the card. You can make a payment online, or manage your account by following the link provided on this page. 

Elvis Presley Credit Card Payment

the Elvis Presley Credit Card login. Below, you’ll find important bill payment information like the credit card customer support number, mailing address, and billing number.

Elvis Presley Platinum Rewards Visa Payment ◀️

The Elvis Presley platinum Rewards Card is a CardPartner card from Visa or UMB. You can pay your bills online and by phone, as well as register for Direct Pay.

UMB recently introduced Card Center Direct, an online service that allows credit card customers to manage their cards. 

Cardholders of all credit cards can sign up for this service. This makes it easy to manage and pay your bills.

You can view and download credit card transaction histories and statements with Card Center Direct. You can track your rewards points.

make online payment schedules, and even set up recurring payments. You can make your Elvis Presley credit cards payment online by clicking the “Pay Online” button.

Pay by phone: Call 800-821-5184 to make a payment for your Elvis Presley credit card. Direct Pay also allows you to schedule automatic monthly payments. 

Direct Pay can be set up by contacting the Service Center.

Mail to Pay: The Elvis Presley credit-card payment mailing address for payments is: Card Services Center. P.O. Box 219736, Kansas City, MO 64121-9736. 

On your check, please include your Elvis Presley account #. The address of your account is on your statement. 

You should mail your Elvis Presley payments at least five business days in advance of the due date.

Pay In-Store: At the moment, you can’t pay Elvis Presley credit cards in shops.

Elvis Presley Customer Service: Call 800-821-5184 to speak with a customer service representative about your Elvis Presley credit card.

Elvis Presley Credit Card ◀️

The Elvis Presley Visa Platinum Reward Card allows fans to honor the King of Rock and Roll and support the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. 

This foundation has been involved over the years in important activities. With external funding and partnerships,

the foundation can raise money to pay tribute to Elvis, support communities, and help people in crisis. 

The foundation will benefit from the proceeds of new Elvis Presley Visa Platinum Rewards Card sales.

This card has a good selection of benefits and perks. The interest rates can be as low as 13.99% which makes it suitable even for those with high credit scores. 

The rewards program isn’t as robust as some other credit card providers but you can still get a healthy number of points by shopping at Elvis Presley Credit Card retailers. 

Transferring an existing balance can help you save money for 12 months at 0% APR. Fans will be pleased to learn that there are four designs available.

with Elvis depicted on each front. Even better, if your design is unique, you can upload your image to be printed on the front of the card.

Your creditworthiness determines the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases and balance transfers.

It ranges from 13.99% to 17.99%. There is no excess fee. Late payments and returns are subject to a maximum $35 charge.

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FAQ ◀️

What were Elvis Presley’s last words?

The star was known to have suffered from severe constipation, and would often spend hours in the bathroom. Ginger later said that she warned Elvis not fall asleep in the toilet. Elvis’ last words were: “I won’t.” 

What amount of money did Elvis Presley earn before he died.

Elvis’ net worth was $5million (PS3.5million), and if you account for inflation, it would have been around $21million or PS15million now.

What was Elvis’ biggest hit?

11 of Elvis Presley’s most popular hits
  • 1) ‘Return To Sender’ The 1962 smash hit ‘Return To Sender’ was huge. 
  • 2) “Always On My Mind” (Remastered)
  • 3) ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ …
  • 4) “All Shaked Up”…
  • 5) ‘It’s Now or Never’
  • 6) ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ …
  • 7) ‘Hound Dog’ …
  • 8) “In The Ghetto.”

Which song did Elvis listen to before he died?

More videos available on YouTube
Elvis sang the last song in private, a version of “HTM0_ Blue Eyes Crying Under The Rain “, which he had just hours before his passing.

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