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16/08/2020  · The rest action can only be taken if a player has two or more cards in his or her discard pile, and a rest action always results in losing one of the discarded cards. This means you can’t simply rest, then immediately rest again to try exhaust yourself (for battle goals or personal quests). You need to play some cards and start filling your discard pile first. Resting mechanics

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Discard Active Card Lose Active Card Create Card Tracker. Tracker Size: 1-+ Discarded Cards. Short Rest Long Rest Recover Discarded Card Lose Card From Rest Reroll Lost Card Lose Card To Avoid Damage: Lost Cards. Recover Lost Card: Status Effects Toggle Poisoned Toggle Wounded Toggle Immobilized Toggle Disarmed Toggle Stunned Toggle Muddled Toggle Invisible Toggle Strengthened:

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You can move your active non-loss card back to your discards at any time. You may not discard a card in your hand at any time, unless you’re using it as one of your 2 action cards for a round. You must have at least 2 cards in your discards to rest, because 1 will always be lost as part of the rest.

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13/09/2020  · Gloomhaven – most often errors and overlooked rules. As with every complex, multi-level game, in Gloomhaven there are rules you tend to omit, forget or simply misinterpret. Recently, our company was enlarged by the fourth member, and even though he thoroughly read the rulebook, he approached us with question: Guys, what was the most common …

What is the active area used for? : Gloomhaven

These are the cards you’ve lost, either through loss actions, resting, or negating damage. This goes to the right of your character mat. The active area. These are cards that you’ve played that have persistent effects. Maybe your character has an ability that negates the next three sources of damage. This would go in the active area until it’s used up.

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For resting purposes, if the rest will leave you with an uneven number after losing a card to the rest action, it’s advisable (and in accordance with the rules) to add an active (non-lost) card to your discard pile before resting, so that you will have an even number of cards after resting, and thus one more round you can play. 2. level 1.

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=> Goilveig, do notice that you can discard the active card when it is your turn to rest. As long as you click on the little icon square on the portrait in top-mid BEFORE you click long rest. It seems to be a bug that you do not get back to beginning of your turn then you click long-rest off.

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Gloomhaven Card Manager … select perks, and then handled keeping track of all of the cards you have played, discarded, lost, or set to active during a campaign. This was great for my group, however, it only had a few classes, and my group was using classes not supported by the app. Also, it hadn’t been worked on in 3 years. So I went ahead and cloned it and then rewrote it from the ground up. While …

Mindthief Augments – Long Rest | Gloomhaven

If I have a mindthief augment in my active area, can I choose to lose that augment when I long rest to get my discard pile back? The rulebook states that its treated as lost/discarded in the active area, and long rest states to lose one discarded card, hence

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