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Gods Unchained


IF YOU CAN’T sell YOUR ITEMS, YOU DON’T own THEM. in 2019, … TRUE OWNERSHIP FOR PLAYERS Unlike other free-to-play games, Gods Unchained gives you complete ownership over your in-game items. Collect rare cards, build your deck and sell cards to other players. Get Started Now Gods Unchained is built by ex-Google and Riot Games engineers, funded by the …

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How to activate cards : GodsUnchained


How to activate cards. Hi, as a gaming newbie, I was testing the OpenSea dapp in the Enjin wallet. I bought a cheap GU card which I’ve send to my ETH address in the Enjin wallet itself. My question is: how can I make this card viewable in the collectibles tab in Enjin? I read somewhere I have to turn cards in ERC 721 items via a tx but I don’t know how to do this. For now, I only …

Why can’t I purchase card packs? – Gods Unchained


If you can’t buy packs, you can always purchase individual cards from other users on the Immutable X Marketplace. Enable popups. Payments through the Gods Unchained Website and Immutable X require popups, as your Metamask wallet extension and the Immutable X verification system require separate windows to perform a secure validation of a purchase.

Immutable X Inventory not showing my cards?? : GodsUnchained


I have just started playing Gods Unchained for the past 5 days or so, gained several packs with over 400 cards already, and currently at level 20. Now, I would like to "Buy and Sell" maybe some cards just to try things and have already connected my Ethereum wallet using Metamask with both my Gods Unchained and Immutable X account.

Why can’t I see my cards in Immutable X? – Gods Unchained


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If your cards aren’t appearing in Immutable X it could be one of the below issues: Incorrect wallet linked: See the most recent pinned message in general for troubleshooting on how to select the right wallet. Purchases not made on the linked wallet: If you purchased cards from a different wallet address to the one you have linked to Immutable X, then your cards will not show in the …

The Forge Reopens – Gods Unchained Blog


01/12/2021  · Step 1: To fuse core cards into a singular Meteorite version of that card, you’ll need to own two of that Plain Core card. You can get doubles by playing games, earning Core packs and opening them in the Temple. Step 2: Got your hands on two Shadow Scryers now? Navigate to the ‘Forge’ tab in either the Launcher or Gods Unchained website.

Flux, fusing and the Forge – Gods Unchained


A gray crystal indicates a Common card, pale blue a Rare card, purple an Epic card, and gold means the gods must look favorably upon you, mortal, because you’ve landed yourself a Legendary card! Legendary cards are very powerful, and thus you can only hold one of each Legendary in a deck (whereas you can have duplicates of any other rarity in your deck). …

Can’t buy packs : GodsUnchained


You need to transfer your ETH to your immutablex account. In immutablex, go to Inventory then click the deposit button. 2. level 2. kaytodad. Op · 2m. Thx. I transferred it to immutableX but it hasnt showed up for now.

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Can’t sell cards : GodsUnchained – reddit


Yes, god cards. Yes, relics. This completely changes the interactions between ward cards and some really popular cards (looking at you, creatures that cause sleep *ahem Demo ahem*). Coupled with the first change, I don’t think it’s as earth shattering as it might seem.

Why I can’t sell cards from chests? : GodsUnchained


I can’t see any of them in the market when I click "sell" and I think that it is because I can’t sell the free initial cards, right? But after playing with the free cards, I won and opened some chests I got more cards. But can’t see those new cards either in the market. Is it because I also can’t sell them? If so, how I’m suppose to ‘play to earn’ as advertised? Thank you! 6 comments. share. …

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Why aren’t my MTG cards in my wallet?

They aren’t in your wallet because they are not meteorite aka you need to forge two of the card to make them into a card that is tradable but unfortunately the forge is not up right now. Am I the only one that thinks that owning your cards is a complete game changer? I used to play Magic as a kid.

Can you sell Genesis cards without fuse?

As Genesis cards are already of Meteorite Quality, they can be sold right away without Fusing. Fusing can be performed within the new Forge tab (located between the Market and Workshop tabs) in the Client. What is Gauntlet of the Gods?

Why can’t I Fuse my Cards?

"The cards you are trying to Fuse are already a part of a previous Fusing operation." This is an issue that affected cards until the 27th of February. Luckily, it’s an easy fix, all you need to do is submit a support ticket with your in-game name so we can solve it.

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