How to activate a freedompop sim card

Looking for how to activate a freedompop sim card? Get direct access to how to activate a freedompop sim card through the official links provided below

Log in using your username and password. The login screen appears upon successful activate my sim card online

If you still ca not access how to activate a freedompop sim card then see Troubleshooting options or contact us for help.

Go to how to activate freedompop device Login page via the official link below

Activate your SIM card in – FreedomPop

3 easy steps. Enter your ICCID number, Sign In or Register, and get your plan. Remove and start over. SIM ICCID #. Validate. Device ID (ESN/MEID/IMEI)#. Validate. Exclusive Offers. Upgrade your current plan to take advantage of one of our exclusive talk,text and data plans.

How to activate Freedompop 4g LTE sim card – YouTube

07/02/2017  · Freedompop 4g LTE sim card activation

Setting up your LTE SIM card – APN configuration – …

Visit and enter your SIM Card’s ICCID number (found on the back of the SIM in very small numbers or the back of the package your SIM card came in) to confirm activation. Take a look at this for an example. Remember, the phone you’re using with your FreedomPop GSM LTE SIM Card, must be unlocked.

Pre-paid LTE SIM Cards – FreedomPop

After your SIM card arrives in the mail, log into the FreedomPop account used to make the order and, in a separate tab, visit and follow activation instructions. Credit or debit card information will already be added to your account, from the initial purchase.

Switching from the FreedomPop Legacy SIM card to the …

Switching from the FreedomPop Legacy SIM card to the Premium SIM. Step 1: Insert your SIM card into your phone. Step 2: Configure APN network settings. Step 3: Place a phone call.

Setting up your Target or Best Buy SIM card – FreedomPop

Setting up your Target or Best Buy SIM card. FreedomPop sells Premium SIM cards in retail stores like Target and Best Buy. The ICCID (serial number) for Premium SIM cards with native cellular voice services begins with ‘89014’. Check the back of the SIM card package if you’re not sure which SIM card type your purchasing.

FreedomPop Data Saver Service – FreedomPop

***This only applies if your SIM card number begins with 89011*** What is FreedomPop Data Saver? The Data Saver service lets you manage your internet speeds, … In the list of available services look for FreedomPop Data Saver, and click Activate. You will incur the charge for the service at this time. Step 3: You should get a service activation alert, notifying that your service …

Multiple accounts under the same email – FreedomPop

When you purchase a new SIM card or phone, activate it under the same email address and password each time. When you log into your account at you’ll see each of your phone lines and you can click on the line to make changes.

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