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[MIUI Device Team] How to solve "Your SIM card is not activated" …

04/06/2019  · [Tips] [MIUI Device Team] How to solve "Your SIM card is not activated". 1. The first and most obvious solution of course is to TOP-UP your balance (for prepaid subscribers) or activate international messaging/roaming …

Xiaomi Sim Activation Service Miui 10 – Xiaomi Product Sample

27/02/2019  · Xiaomi sim activation service not working. New new sim card activation. How to activate the notification of xiaomi sim activate service. Xiaomi sim activation service or your sim card isn. Cara ini sudah saya coba di miui 10 saya dan berhasil dan video ini saya buat setelah berhasil sebelumnya muncul notif cant active sim dan mobile. I have 2 …

Xiaomi SIM Activation SOLVED | Xiaomi European Community | …

31/08/2021  · Go to Settings -> SIM cards & mobile networks -> tap on the SIM card -> Edit SIM card number. And add your phone number starting with the 00 international prefix and the country code. E.g. 00691234567 (in case your phone number is 01234567 and your mobile country code is 69) Mind that the leading 0 is cut. Do this on both SIM cards if you use two.

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Xiaomi SIM Card Activation Issues: How to Fix it | ITIGIC

07/04/2020  · Xiaomi mobiles are also not without problems in this regard, since many users report problems with the activation of the SIM card. Today we wanted to see how we can solve them using some methods that work. When our Xiaomi mobile has problems activating the SIM card, there are several reasons that may be causing it. In this case, it is not a classic problem when …

Xiaomi SIM Activation SOLVED? | Xiaomi European Community | …

02/08/2021  · I can’t activate sim card to use message and call history sync service of MiCloud. The SIM activation process fails constantly… I tried all the options I find out there but none seems to make it work. … Xiaomi Europe was founded over 11 years ago to provide International users an exclusive community for English MIUI Android ROM and Xiaomi products. Since …

How to manage & operate your dual-sim Xiaomi Redmi

06/04/2014  · On the Phone app, go to Settings > Call settings > Call forwarding. Tap the SIM 1 option. Tap Forward when busy, Forward when unanswered and Forward when unreachable options to enter the SIM 2 number. Note: The steps here were written for MIUI V5, based on Android 4.2.2 on a Redmi (HM1W).

How to turn off "can’t activate sim" on miui 12? : Xiaomi

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Uninstall xiaomi sim activation service with XAFT. 4. level 2. Sam_Gyeopsal. · 1y · edited 1y. Does uninstalling it through ADB will not trigger any issues or bugs? I’m using MIUI12 Global for RN8 Pro and the default SMS and dialer app on MIUI for my country is Google Messages and Google Dialer.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X "Install via usb" throws "Insert your SIM card"

19/09/2017  · To enable "install via usb" you have to insert sim card. After enabling "install via usb" remove sim card then it will work without sim card also. Show activity on this post. I had the same problem after updating to latest MIUI 8 and it looks like there is no way to bypass the SIM requirement for now.

Any MIUI 12 users having issues with ROM recognizing SIM card…

I’m currently using MIUI 11 (CN ROM QJACNXM) on a Mi 10 Pro. I enrolled in the MIUI 12 beta program, updated, and my phone stopped recognizing my SIM card. I also noticed that the Google Play store was missing and a bunch of essential Google services (like Google Play Services and Google Services Framework) were actually disabled.

How to activate 4G on my Redmi Note3 – Quora

Answer (1 of 2): Thanks for asking … Actually it should be enabled by default. Anyway you can manually do this – Settings ->sim cards and mobile networks->select the required sim->preferred network type->prefer LTE Images – 1.Settings 2.Sim cards and mobile networks>Internet 3.Select the r…

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How do I Activate my Xiaomi SIM card?

How to activate the SIM. Enter APN. Activate from the Xiaomi website. SIM activation service. Change language. Retry.

How to verify the activation of the SIM card?

For this we have to go to Settings / Applications and click on SIM Activation Service. Then we click on the Permissions of the application and once inside, we make sure that the SMS box is active. In this way, the necessary SMS can be sent to verify the activation of the card.

How do I activate an overseas SIM card?

Go to Settings >> SIM cards & mobile networks >> Data roaming and set Overseas data roaming to "Always" (don’t worry, this will only be for a few minutes). Let the activation services run again (you may have to repeat the activation attempt a few times), and your device should be able to activate the SIM and verify the phone number.

How do I Activate my mi ID/account?

Go to and login with your Mi ID/Account.4.You can also create your Mi ID here if you haven’t yet. Just click on the "Create Mi Account" below the login page. The site will prompt you to verify your SIM number and will send you the activation/verification code to that same number.

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