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Michael Jordan #1 Prices | 1995 Topps | Basketball Cards


27 rows  · 2021-10-12. 1995 Topps Michael Jordan #1 Basketball Card #1. $0.99. Report. 2021-10-11. Michael Jordan 1995-96 Topps Active Leader #1 Scoring Basketball Card Bulls #1. $2.00. Report. 2021-10-03.

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Michael Jordan #536 Prices | 1991 Hoops | Basketball Cards


31 rows  · MICHAEL JORDAN Mint ALL-TIME ACTIVE LEADER subset card 1991-92 NBA …

Michael Jordan #4 Prices | 1995 Topps | Basketball Cards


31 rows  · 1995 Topps Active Leaders Steals Michael Jordan #4 Chicago Bulls #4 $0.99: …

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1995-96 Topps Michael Jordan Active Scoring Leader Basketball Card #1 – Chicago Bulls. $ 4.00 excl. tax. 1995-96 Topps Michael Jordan Active Scoring Leader Basketball Card #1 – Chicago Bulls. Printed in 1995 by The Topps Company, Inc. in the USA. -Card is in good condition except whats looks like a glue stain from pack adhesive on the top of the …

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What is the best Michael Jordan rookie card to collect?

The 1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan is one of the most important cards for modern card collecting because it is considered his true rookie card. Amongst the ranks of basketball and newer cards, it is comparable to a Mickey Mantle rookie in popularity.

How much is a Michael Jordan signed basketball card worth?

Average selling price for a gem mint 10 is $3,000. Oddly enough, mint 9 copies don’t sell for any cheaper. The 1996 SPx is Michael Jordan’s first signed basketball card inserted into packs with other signed cards given away as promotions at Jordan basketball camps.

What does Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame card say?

The card shows off Jordan’s defense which is often considered secondary to his scoring ability. It pays homage to the grit and the grind of old school basketball. Almost every single card shows Jordan on the offensive: shooting, dribbling, or dunking. This card is unique for praising his truly remarkable defensive ability.

What does in your face mean on a Michael Jordan card?

“In Your Face” is written on the side of the front of the card boasting. Significant to this card is that it is an error card, which is rare for Jordan cards. It is actually the only recognized error. The card states that Jordan won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1985 and 1990, but he won in truth in 1987 and 1988.

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