OTC Card Activation

OTC Card Activation is easy with us. Are you recently receive your OTC card? And you face any trouble activating OTC Card? then you check this post properly.

We give easy ways to activate your card. 

There is many another site that shows you a long method to activate OTC Card but we show a quick and fast method to activate your OTC Card.

We assured you that the user will activate OTC Card in the minimum time possible.

OTC Card Activation

There are two various ways through which users are allowed to activate the cards.

You have to choose which is an easier way for you and activate the cards without any troubles.

OTC card users can activate the OTC Travel Cards either online at www.otcnetwork.com or by dial the OTC Card Activation number.

OTC Card Activation

OTC Card Activation via Online

Follow the mentioned steps to Activate your OTC Card.

  1. The first step is to open the official site of the OTC Card activation site www.otcnetwork.com.
  2. After that, enter the 16 or 19 digits card number ( located on your card ). And press the “GO” button.
  3. After entering your PIN number.
  4. After that, OTP(One-Time-Password) send to your registered phone number. Enter the OTP(One-Time-Password) After, enter your CVV code click on “Continue”.
  5. Then you receive one notification is your card is activated.

OTC Card Activation Via Phone

Follow the mentioned steps for Activated OTC Card via phone.

  1. Dail this number 1-888-682-2400 for activating your OTC card.
  2. After that, Provide your 16 digit card number located on your card.
  3. After that, provide your requirements in detail like Your Name, Your Address, and Date of Birth, etc.
  4. Now provide your CVV code located on your card backside.
  5. After that, inform your required details.
  6. Then you get one notification about your card is being activated in some time.

Final Advice

For your kind information never share your password and your PIN and your personal details etc.

Be informed don’t save your password and username on any merchant site.

Make sure don’t share your username and your password and PIN with anyone. Be conscious of fake calls that want to know your pin and password and username etc.

OTC Card Activation allows their user to buy gifts or anything online at or from U.S retailer Stores.

It offers carelessness and offers compliance to its users.

By using an OTC Card users can find out the best deals for online shopping.

If you need any help then you can visit our site at cardactivation.org.


How do I activate my OTC card online?

You need to visit the official site to active your card. Fill in the information and lastly activate the card.

How do I check the balance on my OTC card?

Once you reached the site, you will be asked to enter your 19-digit OTC and Grocery Card Number. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your VNSNY CHOICE Total Member ID Number to log in and check your balance.

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