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NFC Connector – Login with RFID to Active Directory


Overview. NFC Connector is a solution to emulate cryptographic smart card functionalities for RFID tags or memory cards. With this solution, tags can virtually store certificates and be used in any smart card scenarios like login, signature or encryption. This solution is compatible with EIDAuthenticate or Active Directory for smart card logon.

Smart Card Readers, RFID Scanners for computer access with …


07/07/2017  · Smart Card Readers, RFID Scanners for computer access with Active Directory? by ThatKidMarcus. on … I’m specifically looking for something that with connect with our domains Active Directory and cards that are issued to employees are updated from within the AD. If anyone knows any companies that offer such devices and services that would be great. …

Smart Card Authentication with Active Directory


30/07/2020  · Smart Card Logon with Active Directory and SecureW2. AD-domain environments can offer far better wireless network security and user experience with certificate-based authentication. Passwords are obsolete and incredibly vulnerable, while certificates eliminate over-the-air credential theft and prevent a user’s credentials from being compromised. By …

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Go with Yubikeys, they plug into active directory just like a smart card. They actually emulate smart cards when you plug them in and touch the button (it is a USB smart card reader and the card in a single package.) They’re cheap, they work awesome, and they aren’t too much of a pain in the ass to set up. 1. level 1.

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30/09/2016  · Hi Melanie, As far as I know, in order to use a smart card for login, you might need to install a certain smart card management component. The second requirement is that your computer is part of a Windows domain. This is because smart card logon relies on Kerberos logon, which is only available within a domain.In general the smart card have to contain a …

Multi-factor authentication with RFID cards HidProx, …


03/11/2017  · This allows to implement multi-factor authentication by using a variety of RFID cards, tags, bracelets and employee ID badges of Emarine, Indala, HIDProx and other standards in Active Directory and standalone Windows workstations as well. Rohos Logon Key replaces weak password based login with a physical key and PIN code or physical key and Windows …

Physical Access Control using Active Directory? – Server Fault


Example: All users will have a RFID card or a fingerprint entry registered on the domain (linked to the user name), and I would like to secure the buildings (doorlock, airlock) using this and controlled by Active Directory (ex: authorizing a group to use some doors, disabling the user will make the RFID/Fingerprint ineffective, access logging)

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How do I manage RFID tokens assigned to my smart card?

If you have authenticated with a smart card, you must be a "Smart card manager" (this right is granted at card assignation time, in the Administration tab) to be able to perform the task described in this section. The list of RFID tokens assigned to this user appears.

How does a smart card work with Active Directory?

Rather, they simply insert the smart card into the smart card reader, at which point they’ll be prompted to enter the PIN associated with the certificate on the card. Once the PIN is accepted, the user has access to all local and network resources to which the user’s Active Directory account has been granted permissions.

Is it possible to use any RFID card as a smart card?

Cards with UID (Mifare, phone with NFC emulation, …) Like a real smart card (PIN count, PIN reset, …) Yes, with computer IP, program, card ID, … This use case allows to use any RFID card as a smart card.

Which security profiles have one of the RFID authentication methods?

Make sure that the following security profiles have one of the RFID authentication method: The access point security profile, associated with the access point equipped with an RFID hardware system. The user security profile, associated with the user for whom you want to assign the token.

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