Sim card won’t work in galaxy 8 active

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How to fix Galaxy S8 Plus won’t detect SIM card (or won’t …

30/11/2021  · Use another SIM card. This may be obvious but SIM cards can deactivate if not used for some time. Try to use another SIM and see if your S8 detects it or not. Otherwise, just get a new SIM card …

How to fix No SIM card error on your Samsung Galaxy S8 …

02/12/2021  · Phone require SIM card for its network functions and services to work. But there are instances when SIM card errors occur and when this happens, network services are also down or unavailable.

Galaxy S8 SIM card guide – Galaxy S8 Guides

09/04/2017  · Step 0: Power off the phone. Step 1: Insert the ejection pin (included in the Galaxy S8 box) into the hole on the tray and press it all the way down to loosen the tray. As explained in Galaxy S8 layout and Galaxy S8+ layout, Galaxy S8 SIM card tray is located in the top of the phone.

7 ways to fix "sim card not detected" error on Android …

21/10/2020  · Enable the SIM card (Settings) Now, have a check of your network and SIM card setting. Open Settings > Mobile Network. Under SIM Card info and Settings, Tap the SIM, and toggle on “Enable”. Also, make sure the data roaming is ON to avoid this issue when you’re in a roaming area. Clear The Cache Data. When you face the issue of “SIM Card not detected”, clearing out cache data …

SIM card Not Detected on Android How to Fix

26/07/2017  · Method 1: Test Out Your SIM Card. Be it loose or improperly inserted, SIM card is the major culprit responsible for such an issue. Thus, please check for SIM card and see whether it’s making all the mess. Above all, power off your cell phone. Then, you should take the SIM card out of the slot and replace SIM card.

What do I do if my SIM card isn’t working? – XFINITY

15/11/2021  · If you’re seeing the error message "No SIM. Insert SIM card," don’t panic. Sometimes the SIM card isn’t damaged. It just needs repositioning, or even a little dusting. Before you decide you need a replacement, here’s how to inspect and clean your SIM card. How to clean and reinsert your SIM card. First, you’ll want to make sure your SIM card is inserted correctly.

Xiaomi SIM Card Activation Issues: How to Fix it | ITIGIC

07/04/2020  · This method is usually the definitive one to end the problem. For this we have to go to Settings / Applications and click on SIM Activation Service. Then we click on the Permissions of the application and once inside, we make sure that the SMS box is active. In this way, the necessary SMS can be sent to verify the activation of the card.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t recognize SIM card?

Second solution: Remove and reseat the SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy S8. The same error can occur when the SIM card is dislodged or loose. In this case, the SIM card may not have established a secure contact with the SIM card tray circuit and so it’s not detected or read by your phone.

Why is my sim card not working in my phone?

There are probably due to a few reasons like: SIM card is loose in the slot. SIM card doesn’t insert properly. SIM card is inserted into a new phone.

How to get a nano SIM card for Galaxy S8/S8+?

You should always get official nano SIM card from your carrier if you need a nano SIM card for Galaxy S8 or S8+. Do NOT try to trim the SIM card by yourself, although it is possible to trim a micro SIM card or a mini SIM card into a nano SIM.

Can I use two SIM cards in Galaxy S8 and S8+?

Please note, there are some limitations when you use two SIM cards in Galaxy S8 and S8+, including: It only works on dual SIM versions of Galaxy S8 or S8+. You cannot use micro SD card when using 2 SIM cards.

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