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Index Card STEM Towers – STEM Activities for Kids

03/08/2016  · Index Card STEM Towers. Last week in STEM class, we built towers with index cards. When I first showed the kids that we would be using just index cards and tape, I held up a floppy index card and a can of beans and asked them if they thought index cards were strong enough to hold the can. Most of them didn’t think it could be done!

End of the Year: Minute To Win It Activities – The Woke …

23/05/2018  · If you want a scoring sheet where you can enter team names and calculate total scores for each activity, you can use the one … At least 15 plastic cops (red or blue Solo cups work best) 2. Index cards. 3. Rubberbands. 4. Pencils with full erasers. 5. Small glass cups or small plastic cups. 6. M&M’s or beans. 7. Straws. 8. Cookies (Oreos or Chips Ahoy Cookies …

Index Card Castles {STEM Challenge} – Frugal Fun For …

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10/03/2021  · Then tape index cards to the towers to make walls. Try making your towers square by folding the index cards into fourths instead of bending them into a circle! If you want a circle shape for a tower, trace a cup. This is one of our go-to methods for getting a nice circle! Then you can attach the circle to a tower like this. Cut two strips and fold them at a 90 degree angle. …

100 Cup Tower Challenge for Kids (FREE Printbable) – …

Cups (100 if possible) Index cards, craft sticks, cardboard (optional) Printable Sheets; … Everyone gets a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, and tape. If you need to go and get cups, try the PAPER CHAIN STEM CHALLENGE in the meantime. This is a great teamwork activity unless you have 100s of cups lying around! STEP 1: Give out supplies. An example: set a bag …

Fun Games You Can Play With Plastic Cups

07/05/2020  · Cup stacking is just one of the cool games that kids can play with a simple plastic cup. Find other cup activities to try. … You can also tape your cups to the edge of a table, and then race to roll balls along the table and into the cup. The challenge: Roll the balls using only your breath, by blowing through a paper towel roll or aiming a deflating balloon toward your …

STEM: Index Card Tower Challenge

1 package of index cards (100 cards) Roll of cellophane tape Tape measure or meter stick Scissors Stuffed animal No other materials are allowed Competition Rules: 1. Each team must complete the construction of its tower within 30 minutes. 2. The index cards may be cut into pieces and reassembled as desired. 3.

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Coding Unplugged: My Robotic Friends Activity | Perkins …

5 Minute to Win It Games using Plastic Cups • Keeping it …

27/12/2017  · You place the cups onto the table and then the person has to use the air in the balloon to knock the cups off the table. We did two different rows because we had a small table but if you have a long table you can just do one row. The goal is to get all of the cups off the table before the other person (or before the clock runs out). If you have a big group with lots of …

4 Fun Thanksgiving STEM Activities Your Students will Love – Miss …

09/11/2021  · This STEM activity requires a few more materials, but is worth it! Gather up some string, tape, index cards, blocks, construction paper, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and other building materials. Grab a timer and a ruler from your classroom to use as well. This activity provides you with the turkey props you will want to print and laminate!

Engineering Project & Worksheets | Teachers Pay Teachers

Engineering Challenge: Using 100 index cards and 12 inches of tape, can you make a tower that is at least two feet tall that can hold a small stuffed animal? Materials: (per group) 100 index cards (lined or unlined, 3×5 size) 12 inches of scotch tape One small stuffed animal (beanie baby size) Sc

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How do you play the card game stack the cups?

The player races against the other player by stacking all of the cups together starting with one cup and putting it onto the other cups. You can make the rules using only one hand or two hands. First person to get all of the cups stacked, wins.

What can you make with index cards?

They had a few ideas and then I showed them some ways to make different columns (circular, triangular, square), and how to make an accordion shape with the card. We got to work making our index card STEM towers:

What is cup stacking?

Catch! Cup stacking (also called sport stacking) is a recognized sport, with competitions and tournaments held all over the world. Players compete to stack cups in specific patterns at top speed.

How do you do a cup race?

You can have people race against each other or against the clock (30 seconds would be a good time). You place the cups onto the table and then the person has to use the air in the balloon to knock the cups off the table. We did two different rows because we had a small table but if you have a long table you can just do one row.

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