Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card

➤ You are making payments with your Tree House Humane Society credit card payment, or do you want to log in to see your account statements or to manage your accounts online? Learn about your options using this easy payment guide. 

➤ To pay online or to manage your bank account click the link on this page to access the Tree House Humane Society credit card login. Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

➤ Additionally, you will find helpful bill pay details like your credit card’s customer support number the payment delivery address as well as billing telephone number.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

➤ The Tree House Humane Society credit card is issued by UMB Financial Corporation. All the major payment options are made available by UMB. For assistance, call 1-877-253-4098. and details.

Pay online: If you are seeking a simple method of managing your credit card and monthly payments, it is recommended to sign up for Card Center Direct – UMB’s online management of credit card accounts service. 

This service lets you control your spending, change your personal information, and make payments on your bill. Paying in one-time or automatic installments are both accepted. 

To pay payments with your Tree House Humane Society credit card payment online, click on”Pay online” or click the “Pay Online” button below to sign in, register and view your statement, and manage your accounts online.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card Payment

Pay by phone another: an efficient method to pay your bill is through the automated payment system for telephones. Call 800-821-5184.

Pay by Post: The Tree House Humane Society Credit card payment addresses are Card Services Center, P.O. Box 219736, Kansas City, MO 64121-9736. 

Money orders and checks are accepted. To ensure that the payment will be credited to your account by the due date make sure you check the due date prior to sending the money. Include the Tree House Humane Society account number on the check. 

Your account number can be found in your account statement. To ensure that your Tree House Humane Society payment is received in time, it is suggested that you make your payment in writing at least five business days before the due date indicated on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay in Store: No. At the moment, you are unable to use using your Tree House Humane Society credit card at stores.

Tree House Humane Society Customer Service for Credit Cards: The Tree House Humane Society credit card customer service number is 1-800-821-5184.

Tree House Humane Society

➤ The Tree House Humane Society works to improve pet and cat well-being through education for the public and the treatment and placement of abandoned cats. 

➤ More than 16,000 unwanted cats have been adopted and rescued since the organization’s inception around 1971.

➤ Since the establishment of a new spay/neuter facility in 2009, more than 6,000 animals and cats are sterilized. 

➤ This is because the THHS is currently working on an adoption center that is state-of-the-art in Chicago and is among the most extensive cage-free shelters and no-kill shelters located in the Chicagoland area.

Tree House Humane Society Credit Card

➤ The Tree House Humane Society Visa Platinum Credit Card is now available. If you purchase this card the bank that issued it (UMB Bank) will donate money to the nonprofit. 

➤ This means you’ll be able to support the charity financially without cost to you. There are five custom-designed cards to pick from with adorable cat designs on the front!

➤ If you’re wondering if the card has any benefits and you’ll be happy to find out that rewards are readily available. 

➤ Even though the rewards program isn’t universal (and it’s not as good as the top reward programs on the market) you still can get good value for your money by shopping at certain stores.

Interest Rates and Fees

➤ A competitive rate of interest is offered through the Tree House Humane Society Credit Card. Tree House Humane Society Credit Card and you will get a discount on balance transfers and enjoy no interest when you transfer balances for 12 consecutive billing cycles.

➤ Based on your credit score and if you’re successful with your application, you will receive a rate ranging between 13.99 percent and 17.99 percent on purchases and balance transfers. 

➤ It is worth noting that the APR of cash advance loans is higher, at 24.99 percent. The grace period is at least 21 days. Foreign transaction charges are 22% of the total amount that is transferred into US dollars.


➤ Donate now or schedule a recurring gift to offer cats another chance to live a happy, healthy and living in a house that is their own!


➤ Donate the Tree House over time. Much like a subscription box but to help cats live the best life they can.


➤ You can sponsor one of our cats and receive four cards per year – written by the cats themselves!


➤ Donate to send a unique card to commemorate or honor loved ones and friends.


➤ Our cats are in need of things as well! Find out more about how to donate items towards Tree House. Shop at Amazon? See what’s on cats’ wish lists and choose us as the Amazon Smile charity!


➤ Give a legacy and offer life-saving assistance in the case of homeless animals for many years to be.


➤ Check with your employer to see if they will match your contribution towards Tree House and double or even triple the impact.


➤ Learn more about giving with the donation of donor-advised and stock-based funds workplace giving, vehicle donations as well as referrals and partnerships, and much more!

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Tree House Humane Society Credit Card FAQ

How is Tree House Humane Society rated?

➤ Tree House Humane Society has 4.5 stars.

What days is the Tree House Humane Society open?  

➤ Thu-Sun 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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