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Trap Card. you’ve activated my trap card. you activated my trap card. itsatrap. its a trap.

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You Just Activated My Trap Card! (Commander / EDH MTG Deck)


Unblinking Bleb – Scry 2 for each trap card we activate Vesuvan Shapeshifter – Copy a creature. This can be an opponent’s creature or can reuse any of our trap cards we’ve already activated. Voidmage Apprentice – Counterspell Willbender – Mirror Force! Zoetic Cavern – Just a land, but lets us draw with Kadena. Can also block for free. Reseting Trap Cards. Bounce.

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Top 20 Best Trap Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Ultimate List


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Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/nai_zenpai

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10/10/2019  · You just activated my trap card. A catch phrase that came from the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card game , and is usually said when someone is about to get owned , with complete confidence. *man 1 gets enraged with fury* Man 2: Ha, you couldn’t beat me even if you tried!

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14/01/2018  · That’s one triggered trap right there.

yOu hAvE aCtIvAtEd mY tRaP cArD! – YouTube


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People Also Ask u have activated my trap card

Are trap cards still relevant in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Some might argue that trap cards aren’t relevant anymore in Yu-Gi-Oh. They might say it’s not worth having to set them to play them, when there are multiple spell cards that you can fire off straight away. You just activated my trap card!

Is bottomless trap hole a good card?

Banished monsters are so much harder to bring back to the field than monsters in the graveyard, meaning that Bottomless Trap Hole will likely get rid of one card for good. The best time to play this card is when your opponent has spent a bunch of their resources on bringing out a big monster, like Saryuja Skull Dread or Borreload Dragon.

Does activating a morph ability count as a stack activation?

Activating a morph ability doesn’t use the stack. Guardian Project triggers upon each morph creature entering the battlefield because they have no name and therefore don’t share a name with creatures on the field or in the graveyard. Can’t share a name if you don’t have one.

How many spells can you destroy on the field with traps?

This trap lets you destroy up to 2 spells/traps on the field, at the cost of not having a battle phase the turn you activate it. The fact that you can destroy up to 2 cards means that if your opponent only has 1, you don’t need to destroy one of your own.

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