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Are you looking to complete payments to your University of Mississippi “Ole Miss” credit card payment? We can help. 

Pay your bill using any of the options listed below, or use the link to access the University of Mississippi Credit Card payment login.

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It is the Ole Miss Credit Card is issued by Capital One. You can manage your account and pay bills in many different ways. 

If you are looking for the simplest and most effective method of managing your account you must sign up to sign up for Online Banking.

University of Mississippi Ole Miss Credit Card Payment

The service online lets you pay online securely and for free, You can cut down on time and postal costs when you pay your bills online. 

The service is available both on mobile and computers The account allows you to view your balance, review your most recent transactions, track and redeem rewards and update your personal information. 

This feature helps you manage the balance on your University of Mississippi Credit Card and to ensure that you pay your monthly payments punctually. If you require assistance in banking online Contact 1-877-442-374. 

To pay for payments with your University of Mississippi credit card payment online, click on the “Pay Online” button below to log in or sign up.

If you’d like to pay by mail, go to the Contact page on Capital One’s Capital Once website and enter the first six digits of your credit card number. 

Capital One Customer Services are accessible at 1-800-955-7070. This number is for information about your account or to pay an invoice.

 ▶️ University of Mississippi Ole Miss Credit Card ◀️

In conjunction in partnership with Capital One, the University of Mississippi Credit Card “Ole Miss” Credit Card is a brand new credit option that allows you to help this institution and get an account that is tailored to your needs specifically. 

In all, the card offers a wide range of benefits and competes with other credit cards offered by Capital One and other major credit issuers.

In the Ole Miss Credit Card program, you can choose from three different cards which include a rewards credit card, a low-rate card, or a credit construction card. It is the Ole Miss Rewards credit card that gives you miles on all purchases. You get 1.25 miles per dollar. 

The miles can be redeemed to earn a variety of benefits, including flights hotel rooms, car rentals and other related travel/holiday items and. 

The card that offers a low-interest rate provides an extremely long, introductory period of APR at 0% on balance transfers and purchases in addition to the lowest rates of interest. 

The credit card also comes with an initial APR 0% offer (though it lasts for less time) as well as a manageable credit limit and higher interest rates.

Because of the flexibility of the program, kinds of people can profit. Rates start down to 10.9 percent, and for the credit-building card, the highest rate of interest remains very low at 22.9 percent. 

The card comes with a penalty rate (29.4 percent) that may take force if you make an untimely payment. It is possible to make an application for this University of Mississippi Credit Card on the internet.

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▶️ FAQ ◀️

What is the best way to pay for tuition fees at Ole Miss?

Alternatives for paying for fees and tuition include: cash credit card (2.75 convenience fee, which is required and is payable via the web), check, money order, or bank draft that is payable in the name of”the “University of Mississippi”. All checks must be made payable with U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks. International payments are possible through Flywire.

How do I pay my Ole Miss bursar account?

To make a payment you must log in on to the myOleMiss Account in the “Student” tab and select”Financials” and then the “Financials” option, and then the “View/Pay Account” application. To assist you with this process, take a look at the images below for a reference. If you require further assistance, contact us at 800-891-4596 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 5:15.

How can I add money into my Ole Miss flex account?

Check out at the Ole Miss ID Center. You can also make a payment via phone with VISA as well as MasterCard through 662-915-7423. Deposits may be made online through GET, which will use your same WebID/Password combination that is used for other university services, such as myOleMiss, Blackboard, Go mail, and etc.

How much will it cost to attend Ole Miss for one year?

Fees and tuition for students who are in the state will be $8,828 for the 2019- 2020 school year. That’s which is a 64.8 percent discount from the cost of tuition. Tuition is $8,718 with fees $110. Students from out-of-state attending Ole Miss spent $25,100 in fees and tuition for the period of 2019 and 2020. For fees, $110 was charged and $24,990 for tuition.

What is the cost of an hour of credit for Ole Miss?

The 2019-20 academic year the basic undergraduate tuition cost will be $363.25 or $1,041.25 for each credit hour for non-residents and residents and nonresidents, respectively. The tuition for graduate students will be $484.25 or $1,388.25 per credit hour , for residents and non-residents for residents and nonresidents, respectively.

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