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UNLV Credit Card Information

This card has been discontinued. You need to make your UNLV Credit Card payment. We are here for you. You have several payment options. Please choose the one that is most convenient for you. You can pay online by following the link to UNLV Credit Card login.

👉 University of Nevada Las Vegas – UNLV Credit Card Payment

PartnersFirst issues UNLV Rewards Credit Card. The affinity card provider offers a range of payment options. For more information about card management or payments, we recommend that customers check their billing statements.

Partners First offers an online service that we recommend you use. Enrollment is quick and secure. Once you are done, you can start making payments. You can also view your transactions and credit history online. 

You can access almost all the information you need to manage or account. Pay by phone: Call the customer service line at 1-866 450-1402 for a 24-hour payment. Register or log in to make your UNLV credit cards payment online.

UNLV Credit Card Payment

PartnersFirst is currently working on adding a rewards administration facility to their online platform. Call 1-866-450-1402 to see how many points your account has. For redemption of your points, please call 1-888-848-2255

👉 University of Nevada Las Vegas Credit Card

PartnersFirst issued the UNLV Rewards credit card. It is a rewards-based credit card that allows you to support institutions you care about and earn rewards for your credit spending. PartnersFirst provides a range of convenient services and a simple rewards program.

The card offers 1% cashback on all your Visa purchases. Points can be used to redeem for cash back and merchandise as well as airline travel (any airline with no blackout dates), special sporting events, or holidays. 

There are many university affinity card options that do not explicitly state how your account usage will benefit the institution. This card is however different, as PartnerFirst will match some of your eligible purchases, which will then be used to fund alumni activities.

This card offers reasonable interest rates, ranging from 12.24% up to 22.24% depending upon your creditworthiness. You can also use this card if you have small balances to transfer. The balance transfers will be 0% for 6 months. 

There is a penalty APR (27.99%) and a cash advance APR (24.99%). As with any card that has a penalty APR you need to be sure to maintain good terms with UNLV Credit Card. Make timely monthly payments.

This card would be a great match for those who want a simple, flexible rewards card that also supports the university. But it would be nice to get more bonuses and lower introductory rates.

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👉 How do I link my student identification to my checking bank?

Talk to a U.S. Bank representative at any branch or customer advisory centre on campus.

👉 My card was stolen, lost, or damaged. What should you do?

Report your card being lost or stolen immediately. You will need to contact your college’s or university card office and U.S. Bank. You can either contact the bank at a U.S. Bank location or by telephone at 800-872-2657.

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