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Google Activity Cards: Inviting users to be better …


15/01/2019  · Google Activity Cards: Inviting users to be better connected with their past search activity. Google activity cards, released Jan 9, are the next step in the company’s journey toward making the SERPs even more intuitive, tailored, and useful. The latest tweak to Google’s search results which lets us browse, save, and delete results from similar …

Google activity cards now help you find previous searches …


09/01/2019  · Google activity cards now help you find previous searches. Resume searches without skipping a beat. After months of teasing, Google is making it easier to resume your past searches. The internet …

Google’s New Activity Cards Aim to Help You Find Past Searches …


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10/01/2019  · Google has started rolling out a new feature called activity cards to make it easier for users to pick up the threads to past searches and continue exploring a topic.

Is the “viewed 10 cards in discover” section in my activity log …


Determine accuracy of the “viewed 10 cards in discover” from my activity log. Are these topics searches or views that I’ve made personally? And why are they not listed like the regular searches? Details. manage_data, iOS, Gmail. … Are you meaning to ask how is the discover section in Google app working? I’d say the best place you could land about this is the Google …

Manage your Google payment info – Google Account Help


When you buy a Google service (like Google One) or buy something through a Google product (like Google Play), the payment info you provide is saved to your Google Account. … Credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and other payment methods you’ve used to buy through Google in the past; … For most purchases, go to Activity. For some purchases you made …

How to use Google Now cards: 7 tips for managing what …


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Find, export, or delete Google Pay info – Google Pay Help


For more information on cards you added to Google Pay buying Google products or using pay.google.com, learn how to permanently end your Google Pay service. … on the web, requests for money sent to or received by friends or family, and transaction attempts (taps) from your past Google Pay activity: Go to myactivity.google.com. If you haven’t already, sign in to …

How to customize cards in your Google feed – Gizbot News


07/09/2017  · The Google Now cards come with up news and information depends on what you give Google. … Now, turn on "Web & App Activity." In order to customize, you need to return to the sidebar menu and …

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Can you see what Google Now cards you read?

Google has quietly added a new section to the Google Web History section of your logged in Google account. You can now track, over time, what Google Now Cards, Google showed you each day. Google will document the type of cards served, from articles, birthdays, stocks, weather, local places and more.

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How do I delete activity from my Google account?

Go to myactivity.google.com . If you haven’t already, sign in to your Google Account. Find the date the activity occurred. Under the activity you want to delete, choose Details. Choose More Delete. Important: These steps delete information from your Google Account. Deleting tap activity will also delete in-store taps from your device.

How does Google Pay Use my data?

When you use Google Pay, things you do and keep (like transactions, your forms of payment, transit, and loyalty cards) are saved in your Google Account. You control how this data is used, and you can change what is kept and manage your privacy settings at any time. Manage personalization within Google Pay.

What information is stored in my Google payments profile?

Linked to your Google Account, your Google payments profile stores information like: Name, address, and tax ID (when required legally) of who is responsible for the profile Credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and other payment methods you’ve used to buy through Google in the past Receipts and other information about past transactions

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